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I want to dedicate a post to my friend/worker Yael. Listen to my words because you know that I don’t bullshit anyone: Four months ago or so, she asked me for a job. I told her that I would give her the best job that the Foundation could offer her (I’ve been watching her from a distance in silence for months): The official photographer of OUR kids. She almost cried of happiness. She took the job and she takes great pics and vids, but that’s not hard. I take amazing pics and vids too, and many people more take great pics. This post is meant to tell you that I really don’t know many people that Love Animals as she Loves them. And OUR (Not Yael and PB’s kids but you who are reading these words and PB) kids Love her back completely. It’s ridiculous how much they Love her and viceversa. She starts posting at 4 or 5AM and also is in charge of finding homes for our rescued Dogs and Cats. Everybody, including my Foundation partner @drpuentecompean offered to help out with the adoptions and didn’t do shit in that department. NOTHING. In the four months that Yael has been around, we have adopted out around 40 Dogs and we only have 12 Dogs remaining. This woman is truly one with Nature. Yaelita (This is how I call her), you are a Blessing to this Planet. You should be proud of the Human that you have become regardless of how hard your life may have been (I don’t know any details but life is not easy for anyone on #PlanetStupid ). I Love you sincerely and are more than grateful to have you caring for my kids. You are what my Foundation needed because it was too much work for PB alone. She is my friend, I’m not hitting on her or anything. I truly Love her, admire her, respect her and thank her for what she has done for Mother Earth. Yaelita, you are the salt of the Earth. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. 12 more to go and then let’s see what other Sacred Mission I give you. Are we Humans or clowns?
#BeHuman #SaveOurPlanet #ThankYou #PapaBearChronicles
@millionbluehearts @bjwtadoptions

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